The first step is understanding your story.
Who are you? Who is your community? What message do you want to convey and what conversation do you want your participants to walk away having?


Now that we understand your goals, step two is about developing the plan. How do we communicate your story and engage your community? We'll develop the budget and create a framework for execution.


This is the FUN part! The really creative part. We'll pull elements from your story and transform them into an environment that will engage your community and create lasting impressions.


We'll create a detailed timeline outlining roles and responsibilities, so the "who, what, where, when & how" are clearly defined. This is the logistical process of translating the grandest ideas into the most minute (and vital!) details.

Our experienced team will bring your vision — your story — to life. We'll build an immersive environment that will give your community a space to truly engage and emerge inspired to act.